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iPinoyMarket, as an online buying and selling site, is not involved in any  transaction between the buyer and seller in whatever capacity. We do not handle payments, guarantee transactions, provide escrow service, or offer buyer protection or seller certification.

 iPinoyMarket will try to keep the site free from scammers as well as from fraudulent and deceitful transactions. If you suspect that an iPinoyMarket ad or post may be part of a scam, please send us the detail and we will look into it.

Buying Safely

Selling Safely

How to Recognize a Scam

The following are the warning signs of a scam that you should look out for:

Examples of scams:

Foreign company offers you a job receiving payments from customers then, have you transfer the funds. They will claim that they are unable to receive the payments from the customers directly and you are offered a percentage of the payments received.


Here are a few things to remember to keep yourself safe while navigating on the internet:

List of Prohibited Items

List of Prohibited Services

  1. Childcare
  2. SMS Services
  3. Massage and Spa treatment
  4. Escorts
  5. Freelance Models
  6. Domestic help
  7. Matchmaking and Dating Service
  8. Therapies, including but not limited to, Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy Services
  9. Counseling
  10. Gaming: Lottery, Video Karera, Jueteng, Hilo, Masiao, Number Card Prediction and Reading Services, Sakla, and others
  11. Business Partnership
  12. Loan and Financing
  13. Black Magic Services

List of Prohibited Job Postings

  1. Nanny and Childcare and Domestic help
  2. Non-Commercial Housekeeping Jobs
  3. Escorts
  4. Massage Therapists, Physical Therapists and Occupational Therapists
  5. Modeling and Casting
  6. All sort of Auditions (Theater, Dance, Modeling, etc.)


*** All of the above restricted postings will be automatically suspended.

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